Simple Present Tense Sentences

Simple Present Tense Sentences

Article name : Simple Present Tense Sentences.

Present Tense is one of the forms of verb tenses. It simply describes the actions, truths(facts), future and situations. It is very easy to form and uses base form of the verb.

Simple Present Tense Structure


For example:

  1. I eat apples daily
  2. We eat apples daily
  3. They  eat apples daily.
  4. He eats apples daily.
  5. She eats apples daily.
  6. It eats apples daily.

Simple Present Tense more examples :

  • She only eats fish,
  • They watch television regularly.
  • We catch the bus every morning.
  • It rains every afternoon in the hot season.
  • She understands English.
  • It mixes the sand and the water.
  • We live in Boston.
  • He works for the Post Office.
  • I feel much better.
  • They like each other.

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 Negative Structure

S + do not / does not + Obj

For example:

  1. I don’t eat apples daily
  2. We don’t eat apples daily
  3. They don’t  eat apples daily.
  4. He does not eat apples daily.
  5. She does not eat apples daily.
  6. It does not eat apples daily.

Simple Present Tense Negative more examples :

  • She only does not eat fish,
  • They don’t watch television regularly.
  • We don’t catch the bus every morning.
  • It does not rain every afternoon in the hot season.
  • She does not understand English.
  • It does not mix the sand and the water.
  • We do not live in Boston.
  • He does not work for the Post Office.
  • I do not feel much better.
  • They do not like each other.

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