Present Continuous Tense Examples

Present Continuous Tense

The present continuous is made from the present tense of the verb be and the –ing form of a verb:


I am driving
he/she/it is driving
we/they/you are driving.


  • I am starting.
  • She is starting
  • She is crying.
  • He is talking to his friend.
  • The baby is sleeping in his crib.
  • They are eating lunch right now.
  • Frances is talking on the phone at the moment.
  • We are leaving for the beach tomorrow morning.
  • The kids are arriving at six o’clock.
  • She’s having supper.
  • I am listening to melodious songs.
  • He is traveling around the world.
  • They are playing cricket in that field.
  • The poet is writing romantic poems.
  • The lyricist is writing realistic songs.
  • Are you listening to realistic songs?
  • Mary is at university. She’s studying chemistry.
  • She is working right now.
  • I am helping him to do the task.

Elementary quiz


I am not driving
he/she/it is not driving
we/they/you are not driving.


  • I am not quarreling with you.
  • You are not working.
  • I’m not using the dictionary.
  • I’m not getting better at English.
  • They‘re not improving the situation.
  • I am not always doing homework.
  • He is not going to work again.
  • She isn’t looking for a job now.
  • They are not cooking at the moment


Am I driving ?
Is he/she/it driving?
Are we/they/you driving?


  • Are you coming to our home?
  • Is mom cooking right now?
  • Is mom cooking chicken for dinner tonight?
  • Are you living with your family at the moment?
  • Is he currently working as a manager?
  • Is it raining?
  • Are you running?
  • Is the man  speaking?
  • Are you doing her homework?
  • Are they trying to fix the car?
  • Is Mom cooking?

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