Introducing Family from Photographs – English Dialogue

Introducing Family from Photographs – English Dialogue


Olivia: Did you bring your family photos?
Anne: Yep! They are right here!
Olivia: Who is this man in a fancy hat? He is very handsome.
Anne: Doesn’t he have a nice smile? He is the best! He is my dad.
Olivia: Really?
Anne: Haha. He took this picture when he was in college. He looks like a real gentleman!
Kevin: Wow! I agree! Your dad looks so handsome!
Anne: Thank you.

Kevin: Wow, this is a big family here! Which one is your mother?
Anne: Take a guess! She is not wearing glasses.
Olivia: Isn’t this she?
Anne: Nope. That’s my aunt. My mother is younger and smaller than my aunt. And, she is wearing a yellow dress.
Kevin: Oh, I got it! This is your mother!
Olivia: What about the girl in front of her? Isn’t that you?
Kevin: Is that really you? It is hard to figure out.
Anne: Yes. I used to have short hair a few years ago.
Olivia: You look great in short hair too!
Anne: Thanks!
Kevin: What about the baby your mom is holding? Is that your younger sister?
Anne: Haha. Nope. He is my younger brother.
Olivia: He looks very cute.
Anne: Hahaha…… He used to be, even a few years ago.
Friends: Hahahahaha.

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