Selecting a Topic – English Dialogue

Selecting a Topic – English Dialogue.

Roy: Let’s decide on a topic. What is the most important event or person in American history?
Anne: Does anyone have a good idea?
Olivia: What about the American presidents? If we know the presidents, then we can understand American history more easily!
Anne: Wow, that’s a great idea!
Roy: Starting from the first president, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th, Franklin Roosevelt, the 32nd, John Kennedy, the 35th, and more. There are many famous ones.
Anne: That’s right. George Washington led the country to victory in the Revolutionary War and is known as ‘the Father of the United States.’
Olivia: Lincoln was the one who ended the slavery system during the American Civil War.
Roy: And there is the symbol of liberal democracy, John F. Kennedy.
Anne: Hmm. But over 40 presidents are just too many.
John: Are there really over 40? What a headache!
Olivia: I don’t think we will ever finish this. Is there any other topic?
John: What about war? Shoo! Shoo!
Roy: I think that’s good too. There are wars that changed American history, such as the American Civil War and the Revolutionary War. We could also talk about World War I or World War Ⅱ.
Olivia: Um… I don’t like the topic of war. It’s about people fighting!
Anne: Hm. What about how people’s lives changed after the war?
Roy: Hm. After the Great War, there was the Great Depression.
John: That’s too hard!
Anne: Then what about this? I have a great idea!
Roy: What is it?
Anne: We should start from the beginning of America. The moment when Columbus found the continent!
John: He also challenged people’s viewpoints! I know Columbus very well.
Olivia: I love it!
Roy: Great! Let’s pick a topic on Columbus, and gather information and data from each one of us!
John: Yes, sir!


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