Human Body Vocabulary

Human Body Vocabulary

Parts Of The Human Body Vocabulary Words with examples:

Learn body vocabulary with examples.

  • ankle
I hurt/twisted/sprained/broke my ankle.
  • arch
There was a slight arch to her eyebrows.
  • arm
He has big, strong, muscular arms.
  • beard
He grew a beard and mustache.
  • breast

Numbers in English

She clasped the child to her breast.

  • cheek
He kissed her on the cheek.
  • chest
The pain is in my upper chest.
  • chin
He’s still keeping his chin up despite all his health problems.
  • elbow
He wore a tattered coat with holes in the elbows.
  • eyelash

She has beautiful dark eyelashes.

  • face
He has a round face.
  • finger
Don’t stick your fingers in the cookie batter!
  • gum
The dentist said my gums are swollen/inflamed.
  • heel
She scraped the heel of her hand.
  • hip
She stood with her hands on her hips.
  • jaw
He broke his upper/lower jaw.
  • knee
I fell down and hurt my knee.
  • knuckle
She rapped her knuckles on the table.
  • leg
We had chicken legs for dinner.
  • lip
The celebrity murder trial was on everyone’s lips.
  • mouth
He kissed her on the mouth.
  • mustache
He used a small pair of scissors to trim his mustache.
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