Discipline. Giving Advice – English Dialogue

Discipline. Giving Advice – English Dialogue.

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Teacher: John, it looks like you never focus in class and fall asleep often these days. What’s going on?
John: I’m sorry, Mrs. Smith.
Teacher: What time did you go to bed last night?
John: 12 at midnight.
Teacher: Oh, no. What were you doing?
John: I was playing a computer game.
Teacher: Oh, John… Do you play computer games that late everyday?
John: Almost everyday. Time flies when I play computer games. What should I do?
Teacher: Hm… Why don’t you try this? First, set your game time, and then set the alarm to go off when the time is up.
John: So, I set the end time on my alarm clock when I start playing the game?
Teacher: Yes, that’s right. I think using your watch or phone would be best.
John: That’s a good idea.
Teacher: Do you have any other hobbies besides playing computer games?
John: I like soccer, basketball, and skateboarding.
Teacher: Yes, I heard that you were good at skateboarding.
John: (Stand up and voice up all of sudden) Yep… Of course! I can hop while skateboarding!
Teacher: That’s awesome! Well, I hope to see positive changes soon!

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